Workshops on setting and evaluating life and career direction

"Navigator, what course are we on?"

Drawing on my sailing experience, and using this question as a metaphor, these workshops offer groups of individuals the opportunity to step back for a short period of time and take stock of the direction of their lives. Rarely do we have the opportunity in a small group setting to learn about, and from, each other's journeys. These workshops offer these opportunities for reflection in a safe, but challenging environment.

Participants do some individual work and then have a choice of sharing their findings with the group and committing to "changing their course" if they wish.

These one-hour workshops are available to any group, small business, department, networking group, or professional group, and can be arranged as a complement to a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting. There is no cost.

Please call or email if you wish to learn more; contact Doug at (831) 566-0676, or by email.


Real Life Stories:

A Business Consultant: This former general manager-turned business consultant really wanted to retire, but could see no way out of a deep and continuing relationship with a major client. He had even agreed to be interim CEO of the client's company, further cementing his relationship with the firm. Over a period of several months, with my encouragement, he established a relationship with a recruiter, eventually hired a full-time CEO, resigned from the board, and negotiated his severance contract, including a deferred compensation agreement. He accomplished all this while maintaining an excellent relationship with his client, who was quite happy with the new arrangement.

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