Coaching Services

Life and Career Coaching for individuals

Many times during our lives we find ourselves facing --

  • decisions that are difficult to make,
  • skills that we need but don't yet have,
  • choices about next steps to take,
  • habits that are hard to change.

A relationship with a coach can help you through these situations. Coaching is all about becoming "unstuck" -- learning a new skill and moving on. This process usually takes several weeks to several months, at the discretion of the client. Normally we would meet, either on the phone, or, if convenient, in person, twice a month. Each session lasts one hour.

Executive Coaching in organizations

Executives, owners, entrepreneurs, especially in small organizations quickly discover --

  • it's lonely at the top,
  • decisions of all kinds must be made, often with incomplete data,
  • stress levels are high,
  • there is never enough time.

An experienced coach/mentor can make all the difference between winging it and sleeping at night. As an Executive Coach, I'm able to draw on nearly 30 years experience as an executive search consultant to senior management of a number of Silicon Valley companies. Arrangements vary with each situation. Coaching an individual executive will generally parallel the arrangement described above.

Hear what Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, has to say about the value of a Life Coach.

Please call or email if you wish to learn more; contact Doug at (831) 566-0676, or by email.


Real Life Stories:

A Business Consultant: This former general manager-turned business consultant really wanted to retire, but could see no way out of a deep and continuing relationship with a major client. He had even agreed to be interim CEO of the client's company, further cementing his relationship with the firm. Over a period of several months, with my encouragement, he established a relationship with a recruiter, eventually hired a full-time CEO, resigned from the board, and negotiated his severance contract, including a deferred compensation agreement. He accomplished all this while maintaining an excellent relationship with his client, who was quite happy with the new arrangement.

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