Recruiting Testimonials 1973 - 2000

From 1973 through 2000 I was an executive recruiter in Silicon Valley. The following are a few of the testimonials I received during my career.

"It's your personal attributes...that make you an exceptional career consultant"

Permit me to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you for your extraordinary efforts in bringing me to Macrovision. I doubt that you ever approached a more reluctant candidate—and certainly one who gave you little encouragement of a successful placement during the initial two months of talks. It was only through your gentle persuasion and dogged persistence that I ended up in what promises to be the most challenging and personally rewarding position of my twenty-four year career.

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"Doug...practices recruitment as an art"

Having explored many approaches to finding senior professionals for a variety of industrial positions, I have been extremely impressed with the services of Doug Owen. He has, repeatedly, managed to find highly qualified individuals for a variety of key positions ~ often where other extensive attempts at recruitment failed.

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"Doug Owen is a person of the highest integrity"

SDL, Inc. (NASDAQ: SDLI) has worked successfully with Doug Owen on six separate occasions while building its management team. His technical background (B.Sc. Physics, MBA, Stanford University) and his 25-year tenure in retained search in the high technology industry give him the credibility and background required to understand our business and to attract the best candidates.

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"..make sure we got the highest quality candidates.."

I heartily recommend Doug Owen as an Executive Search Consultant. Unlike many of the larger search firms I considered when deciding to hire Doug, he proved to be exactly what we required: someone who would take the time to understand what Digital Origin needed, meet and get to know the other members of the digital Origin team, and make sure we got the highest quality candidates.

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