My Journey


I've been a life coach for more than eleven years, helping my clients figure out how to become more engaged, more clear, more relaxed, and more joyous in going about their lives. My passion is helping folks identify and create the life they really want. My clients find great joy in successfully addressing the areas of their lives that they know could run more smoothly, whether it's their career, their relationships, their spiritual life, the time that is slipping by....

My clients are an interesting mixture of folks – from the CEO of a small technology company to a graduate student at the University of California; from the executive director of a vibrant and growing non-profit enterprise to a seasoned business consultant seeking to "retire". You can read more about what my clients have to say here.

My Early Days


Tenby, Wales

My journey began in a small town in Wales, as the oldest child in a musical family. I grew up loving music, sailing, the outdoors. In college, I followed the science track, graduating with a degree in physics. I went to grad school in England, then jumped on a ship to New York, and drove to California. To this young Brit, California was like landing on another (and more remarkable) planet! So much going on! So many opportunities! Such interesting people! And such a beautiful place.

Executive Recruiter

In 1973 I joined a small executive search firm in Menlo Park, where I worked for the next 16 years. Then in 1989 I separated my business from the firm and continued to practice executive search as Douglas Owen & Associates. The business of finding and matching candidates to companies taught me a great deal about what makes us tick, having met and interviewed thousands of men and women. Successful recruiting requires developing a knack for understanding the "fit" between an individual's work, and life. I heard their stories and built enduring relationships with many of them, both clients and candidates. You can read some of their comments here.

A New Career - Life & Performance Coach

A colleague suggested coaching as a logical next step in my career, building on my skills as a recruiter, at the same time broadening into helping my clients become more clear about the direction they were taking. I help them resolve the tension implicit in making decisions to create more space in their lives, sort out their career options and help them have more fun! Ultimately their whole life is improved as we work together, and I'm always thrilled and privileged to be a part of it.

30-Minute Complimentary Conversation

If you'd like to explore whether coaching might be right for you, please contact me by phone or email, for a 30-minute complimentary conversation either in person, if convenient, or on the phone.

You can reach me at (831) 566-0676, or by email.


Real Life Stories:

The executive director of a non-profit: On the job for less than a year, the executive director had engineered a remarkable turnaround, raising more money than expected, recruiting an excellent staff, and several new board members. However, she was operating in continuous crisis mode, and morale was suffering. I suggested a "360 review", requesting confidential input from both staff and board members regarding her performance. I then presented a summary of their comments to the client. Slowly but surely we introduced new behaviors that revived the organization's confidence in their leader.

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