My Approach to Coaching

My approach is both pragmatic and compassionate – together we map out tactics that fit with your style, your pace and your capabilities but at the same time will stretch you and allow you to get the results you want. You'll find I am an easy person to deal with, but will not hesitate to challenge you in order to achieve the results you're seeking.

For those of you who may be sailors, it’s rather like following a prescribed course - you set the appropriate sails, figure out where the wind is coming from, steer the boat carefully, and from time to time, measure how far you’ve come, and how far you have yet to go. And, of course, you make adjustments along the way. And, if things aren’t working, you do your best to fix them. That’s where coaching comes in.

When I work with you, we will meet either in person, or on the phone, usually 2 – 3 times a month. Between meetings it's my responsibility to be thinking of resources that might help you move forward on your journey, and it's yours to be diligent in doing the "homework" that you agreed to work on during our last session. It is often said in coaching that the work gets done between meetings!

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Real Life Stories:

A young executive in the hospitality industry: The client had risen rapidly in a comparatively short time to a position of significant management responsibility in a high-end restaurant business. Although doing well financially, she was working long hours, the rest of her life was "on hold," and she felt "stressed out." She had created several alternative scenarios for herself, but was having difficulty making any changes on her own. However, with coaching help, within a few weeks she had developed an action plan, left her job, and was off on a much more satisfactory course, filled with new energy and enthusiasm!

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