Job Seekers

If you have been laid off, are out of work, or are looking for your next position in another company, I can help in a number of ways. Here are some steps I suggest you follow:

  • Prepare your best resume: it's important to have a resume that presents you and your experience in a clear and concise way. It's a sales document, and you are the product that it's selling! In a relatively short time, we can create a resume that will stand the best chance of being seen by the key decision makers. Read about more ideas on developing an effective resume.
  • Create a business card: even if you've been in a position where you haven't given much thought to a business card, it's important to have one. You can use the front and the back of the card. At "networking" and other occasions where you're meeting people, you'll want your card to give them. It's one way they'll remember you! The "how to" of free/inexpensive card designs is available at
  • Create an objective statement: sometimes referred to as an "elevator speech". Actually it's more than that. Succinctly, it describes you, your background, and how you can help the client/customer/company. For a more detailed discussion of this topic, a helpful site is:
  • Memorize a couple of stories about yourself that "capture" who you are, and illustrate in a compelling way, an event you are proud of, and that also illustrate the value you expect to bring to a particular situation. Remember, stories sell!
  • Develop a schedule: planning time (this is what I'm going to do this week), researching time (these look like interesting possibilities), meeting time (phone calls made, interviews, networking events attended), recording time (this is what happened, and here's what I'm going to do as a result). Review it daily. It's been said that finding a job is at least as much work as having one.
  • There are many organizations and web sites that you may find helpful in your search. Here are some examples:
  • Together we will map out a plan that you will agree to follow in your job search. One of my roles as your coach is to be your initial "accountability partner" in this process.

This process is designed to be thorough, but not lengthy. While every situation is different, we would typically have a handful of meetings over several weeks. Our sessions would usually be one hour each.

I offer a 30-minute complimentary "session" that will allow you to see how I work and decide whether I'm the right coach for you. Please call or email me with any questions you may have about my services or the way I work. My phone is (831) 566-0676. You may also reach me by email.


Real Life Stories:

A Business Consultant: This former general manager-turned business consultant really wanted to retire, but could see no way out of a deep and continuing relationship with a major client. He had even agreed to be interim CEO of the client's company, further cementing his relationship with the firm. Over a period of several months, with my encouragement, he established a relationship with a recruiter, eventually hired a full-time CEO, resigned from the board, and negotiated his severance contract, including a deferred compensation agreement. He accomplished all this while maintaining an excellent relationship with his client, who was quite happy with the new arrangement.

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Other Resources:

If you live in the Santa Cruz area, I recommend a weekly Meetup, hosted by David Thiermann. Details at Exploring Career Business Possibilities Meetup