Coaching Testimonials 2003 - Present

"I deeply appreciate...your wisdom"

"Thank you again for your encouragement today and for being an important part of my journey. Our conversations are always delightful! I deeply appreciate you and your wisdom and knowledge.

Thank you muchly :)

Lyn M-B"

"..great weight off my shoulders.."

"Hi Doug,

I actually received an offer letter from Amazon last evening and officially accepted it today! I am very happy about it, and feel that a great weight has been taken off of my shoulders. I greatly appreciate all the help and encouragement that you have provided to me to help make this happen.

Best regards,


"Doug Owen is one of the most insightful people you will meet. He is able to synthesize large amounts of information about your personal situation and goals and reflect back to you choices you may not have thought of in a way that is respectful and inspiring. I highly recommend his life and career coaching services."

Rachel Goodman, SantaCruz

"..struck gold.."

"I struck gold when I found Doug while searching for a life coach to help me focus on finding a new career path. After spending the majority of my career in the journalism field, I knew I wanted out, but had no idea where to go from there. I immediately felt at ease and could almost see the wheels turning during our conversations, which flowed easily and revealed aspects of my personality I hadn't previously considered. I need to do work that I find interesting and fulfilling, and after discussing my interests and skills, he helped me realize the skills I've already gained as a journalist can be applied elsewhere. I'm now doing public relations, marketing and grant writing for an animal rescue organization and couldn't be happier!"

Kim White (former) reporter, Santa Cruz Sentinel

"..fabulous thought partner.."

"Doug is a fabulous thought partner. He helped me navigate tough work-life balance and career decisions by clarifying my strengths, priorities, and passions. I'd recommend him to anyone who is considering a transition in their life and career."

Sirima Sataman
Vice President, Corporate Communications -
Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP

".. I really owe a large part of this to you."

"(My boss) said that she was asked by the Chief Financial Officer of (the center), who, in our service, is outstanding and has done amazing work that they would deserve these tickets. She chose (two of) us!!!!  This event includes a concert, celebrities and who knows what else!  For others they cost $250.00 but we are getting them for free and because of the work we did. I was so excited and so touched.

"Thank you so much, Doug!  I really owe a large part of this to you."

Michelle McMahan

".. you are gifted.."

"Working with you has helped me think about directions I would like to go in with my writing... to find the balance between maintaining existing work, finding better paying projects and moving forward with my new goal.

"I always appreciate feedback. Plus, you are gifted and have already made a difference in how I interact in work and love. So, yes, please.

"I am practicing opening up to a future of prosperity and finding success in work. And, I am still practicing coming from a place of confidence in all parts of life. What a gift that is proving to be."

Michelle Santos, JD

"...Doug has changed my life for the better.."

"I first began working with Doug when I realized I was unhappy with my job.  I was unclear on the direction I should take and was at a loss on where to start.  We spoke regularly and through those engagements, he helped me to develop the tools I needed to create a goal and a plan, then a process to put that plan in place.  After working with him for only a couple of months, I was offered a wonderful job that truly satisfies me.

"My career wasn't the only difficulty I was facing.  I was also having financial trouble which I had unfortunately been struggling with since college.  Once again, Doug came to my rescue and helped me break down the root of my problem.  He took me step by step and helped me to be accountable for action items that I created for myself. With his constant care and guidance I reduced my expenses, paid off credit cards and saved enough money for the very first time in my life to take a vacation.

"I cannot express how much Doug has changed my life for the better, both professionally and personally.

"I couldn't recommend a better person to look to for guidance with career issues, life struggles and most importantly friendship.  I can say wholeheartedly, that my life is better because Doug Owen contributed to it.

"Thank you, Doug."
Michelle McMahan
Project Manager
Transplant Services
UCSF Medical Center

"You..helped me get unstuck.."

"You really helped me get unstuck, off the ground, and moving with the job search.   I'm in a good position now with a stronger resume, and I feel more focused.  Thank you."
Steve Barnhouse

"..the work we did helped me.."

"Doug - I hope you and your family are doing very well. I wanted to let you know that the work that we did together helped me get back into the workforce at a time when I needed it most.  Thank you for your help!"
Steve Smith

"..a good listener.."

"When I found myself looking for a new job for the second time in 3 years I was determined to make the process more efficient. I knew I needed a more effective way to get through the initial contact process with employers and I needed to be clearer in my mind as to my ultimate goal. Talking with Doug help me to clarify the type of work I wanted to do and the type of company I wanted to work for. Doug also helped me to organize my 25 years of engineering experience into a clear and effective resume. The result was that I had a much higher percentage of responses from the companies I contacted this time and I found a new job within a few months. Doug is understanding, compassionate and, most important of all, a good listener. I would recommend him to anyone looking for more insight and focus in their lives."
Jessie Jackson

"I recommend him highly"

"I've known Doug for many years now and he is an excellent resource for all aspects of a job hunt or career transition. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area (he was an executive recruiter for many years) as well as being a fabulous coach. Plus he is a great person and fun guy as well. I recommend him highly."
Dorcas Kelley CPCC PCC CMC
Clarity In Action LLC

"..outstanding coach.."

Doug Owen is an outstanding coach. He is well trained and experienced in the art of providing his clients a solid coaching experience. Doug was my coach for a six month period, during which I was struggling with a number of issues, and was stuck in making progress to resolve them. Doug supported me in organizing myself in my understanding of what was blocking me. Then we created a plan to address the issues. Finally, he successfully supported me as I addressed and surmounted each issue in turn. At the end I was very pleased with both the process and the result. Doug's support grew out of his professionalism, his compassion, and his ability to keep me focused on the plan and goal. His approach was to allow me to explore possibilities rather than telling me what I should do. His patience and persistence allowed me to move at my own speed, and constantly move forward. These qualities were exactly the right recipe for me to succeed. I recommend Doug to anyone who is seeking support in moving forward to achieve their life goals, particularly if they are somehow stuck or not making the progress they desire.
Neil Rogers

"..laser like.."

"You're a man of complete integrity – non judgmental – compassionate, and have a laser-like way of getting to the bottom of things in the most kind and gentle way."
Lynn G.

".. I choose you.."

"Thanks so much for organizing and leading our just-getting-started fellowship. It is not an easy task to create the kind of safe, sacred space that we all need. From what I know of your life experience, and seeing you in action, I feel very safe with you at the helm. The men's retreat was successful in large measure due to your very presence. I guess what I'm saying is, I choose you!"
Jeffrey Billett, MD

".. an excellent coach.."

"Thanks for yet another great meeting today. I am just so grateful for the time you are spending with me.

"I met Doug Owen at a Save Our Shores event a year ago and shortly after that he contacted me regarding any coaching needs I might have. He asked if I had any need for an Executive Coach. With a 30-year-old organization that I was trying to rebuild with new staff and board members, I told him I needed all the help I could get. Doug knew that financially we were in no position to be able to afford to pay for this type of service and so he offered to take me on as a pro bono client.

"Doug and I have been meeting twice a month for 7 months now. He has helped me with many difficult decisions. He has assisted me with putting together a very strong team to run our programs. He also helped me with several tools to be more effective with time management and most importantly he has continually encouraged me to find that balance between work and life outside of work. I am so grateful to Doug for all of his time spent working with me. He is an excellent coach and I would recommend him to anyone looking to hone their management skills."
Laura K.

".. very effective and productive.."

"I found working with Doug to be very effective and productive. He is a thoroughly professional and dedicated coach. Doug brought a wide range of tools, techniques, and approaches to our coaching sessions, and was instrumental in bringing new insights and discipline to my personal quest. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone seeking the support and guidance of an excellent coach."
Gordon M.

".. profoundly grateful .."

"I do want you to know how profoundly grateful I am for the work you invested in the weekend.  And I'm so very hopeful for this unfolding of relationship and spirit among men at the church. It's a great time! As I talk to men who participated in the retreat, I'm struck by the deep chord it's struck."
Dave Grishaw-Jones, Senior Minister, First Congregational Church, Santa Cruz


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